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guest post by fausta kairytė – how i fell in love with words

Everything starts when we are little. That’s how it started for me, too. I remember even now how my dad used to read books for me before bed. And how my mum would make up stories where I was the main character but I never understood it. How could I be a princess wanted by so many guys in the village? Or how could I be a mermaid in the deep blue sea with a pet seahorse?

My parents somehow made me want to create my stories. They made me want to learn from the very beginning, even if that beginning was near a window in my little bed with me listening to my parents’ stories.

Every morning my parents would ask what did I dream about last night. If I was able to remember it, my dad would ask to try and write it down or do a little drawing of it. And I always tried to write it down. That’s when I started loving the way writing felt. The way my pencil would touch the paper, making not really smooth lines, but I loved it no matter how it looked.

As the years went by, I wrote more and more. Primary school was my hands-down favourite thanks to the stories we used to write during lessons and the books we used to read. Every day I learnt new words, new phrases.

Another person who took a huge part in me falling in love with words has to be my grandma. She’s long gone now, but the books in her old house always remind me of her stories. Especially the one she told me about her childhood. My grandma really wanted to read when she was little, but she couldn’t because of how expensive books were back then. When she first told me that, I knew I will read. I knew I will write. I wanted to make her proud and happy no matter what, even if that was me reading books because she couldn’t do it when she was little.

The thought of me reading to make my grandma happy, turned into me reading for myself because I loved the way my eyes ran through the words in books, the way I could live a ton of lives just by reading. I loved every single thing about books, words and their meanings. My mum’s magazines used to be my absolute fave thing in the early mornings before school.

With that being said, the stories before bed and my grandma’s childhood memories made me want to have a library at home (which, in fact, is becoming a reality!) It also made me create my blog aaand even write a book. I couldn’t be more thankful to my parents for always reading books and telling stories when I was little, and of course, my grandma who is now in a better place but I really hope she sees how happy and thankful I am. If not for them, I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be the way I am now.

If you don’t like reading or writing, or just the way words work, I’m sure this can change really quickly. If you want to change things up in your life, maybe try reading a magazine about things you like. Maybe you like fashion? Well, try searching for a fashion magazine and read a bit of detail about the fashion trends. Or maybe you like food? Then search for a magazine with some recipes. You don’t even have to make them, just read a bit and enjoy the pretty photographs! You won’t even realize how fast you will go from that magazine to your town’s library!

However, if magazines are not for you, maybe listening to books can help. Try downloading a few audio books and listen to them. Listen to every single word and try to remember them. As time goes, you will realize that these words will have quite a different meaning than they did before.

Remember, little baby steps lead to huge things. You don’t need to start big, never pressure yourself! You can reach all goals by taking little steps and that includes reading and writing, too!


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  1. This is such a fantastic guestpost! I have a deep love of reading, and it’s definitely because my mum was either reading to me, had me listening to audiobooks, or was reading herself 🙂 She led by example and raised a bookworm haha.
    Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk

    • The Hamster Ball

      Aw, thanks for reading! Here’s to bibliophile mums <3

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