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Although a lot of guys around the world watch Gilmore Girls, it is a fact that it is predominantly a girl’s show. However, it’s not the gossipy, soapy, women plotting against each other and pulling each other’s leg kind of show rather it is an epitome of inspiration and positive vibes. It has a diverse female character base with a myriad of qualities and unique storylines.

Lorelai and Rory, are literal goals when it comes to being strong, independent, intellectual and FUNNY. Over the years I’ve looked up to them and drawn strength from their story.

For a long time, I felt like I was alone in my love of Gilmore Girls but since I’ve started blogging I’ve interacted with a lot of women who feel exactly the same.

So this week’s Quotaholic is for all the women who aspire to be absolute powerhouses like our very own Gilmore Girls. All of us can count on them for a lesson in relationships, work, academics and life in general.

1. Communication is key to maintain healthy relationships.

Are you using full sentences with your loved ones? It’s easy to get caught up in the vicious circle of life but be sure to reconnect and talk without shorthand texts and emojis (or obnoxious hieroglyphics as Lorelai puts it).

inspiration, quote, relationship, gilmore girls

2. Never settle for less than what you deserve.

If you’re not comfortable or having fun with anything in life, drop it. Recognize what you want and deserve and fight for it.

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3. Don’t be shy to express your feelings.

Stop worrying about how it makes you look, emotions of any sort are meant to be felt and expressed. Well, unless you’re feeling homicidal. Don’t express that.

inspiration, quotes, gilmore girls

4. Grab a homie (or fellow Gilmore Girls) and vent it all out.

One word: CATHARSIS. Whoever compared a woman’s mind to a ball of interconnected wires was a genius. It gets overwhelming sometimes and there’s no shame in talking it all out.

inspiration, girls, gilmore girls, quote

5. And amidst the roller coaster that is womanhood, always be kind to yourself.

Self-care, whatever version of it helps you, do it! You can’t have a fulfilling life and achieve much if you’re not fueling and recharging the machine that is making you work.

inspiration, gilmore girls, quotes

… and sane, and healthy, and nice, and confident, and the list goes on.

That’s not nearly the end of the Gilmore Girls’ wisdom so look out for more in the coming weeks. Until then IN OMNIA PARATUS!


  1. Do I let slip that I’ve never seen Gilmore Girls now or later? Pretty sure I probably should be watching, as these quotes seem to be words to live by!

    Megan | xo

    • The Hamster Ball

      You totally should!!! 😀 And the characters are real inspirations.

  2. Very practicle approach of Gilmore Girls has been painted by you, the wisdom of Gilmore’s wisely redefined.

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