Seagull, royal botanic Garden, Sydney

5 life lessons i learnt from seagulls

Seagulls are the most inspirational creatures in my opinion. If I owned a sporting team of any sort, a seagull would be my mascot. Why? They’re the perfect combination of beauty, strong-will, friendliness and confidence.

This little ode to seagulls may seem peculiar to you but as a result of long hours of observing them for days, I realized that inspiration can come from the simplest of things.

My love for these tiny birdies increased many folds when they actually taught me some valuable life lessons.

1. Don’t be afraid to stand against the wind

seagull, inspiration

Sydney Opera House.

Look at this little fellow. He’s tiny and the wind that day was so strong even I was having trouble standing. He could just turn around and fly in the direction of the wind. But he stood his ground accepting the challenge.

Lesson: No matter how much friction you’re facing in being different or being yourself, don’t let it make you turn around in the direction of the wind.

seagull, inspiration

2. Sometimes it’s good to go with the flow

If someone knows how to chill and take it easy, its the seagulls. They’ve taught me to not ALWAYS take life so seriously. That we can’t control each and every aspect of it. Sometimes you just have to let life unfold itself. See where the current takes you.

seagull, inspiration

Afterall what’s the fun in knowing it all?

seagull, inspiration

Today I swear I’m not doing anything, nothing at all.

3. Evolve with your life situations

Seagulls are the masters of improvising and adapting to their circumstances. They can swim, fly or walk around depending on their need. We as humans have to realize that we are more equipped than a seagull. We have better means, internal and external, to adhere to our circumstances. We just need to be as strong-willed and easy going as a seagull.

seagulls, inspiration

seagull, inspiration

The ‘outta my way I’ve got a meeting in 5’ face.

seagull, inpiration

4. Never be afraid to ask for your right

Anyone who has had a meal by the beach knows that the seagulls will come flocking around for their share. They are not afraid to ask for it. They’ll stand by staring at you persistently until you go, ‘oh well alright, have a chip.’

That is the persistence and determination you and I need in your daily life. Ask for that promotion at work. Ask for the love and attention in a relationship. You deserve it.

seagull, inspiration

Eyeing my breakfast.

Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast.

Inviting themselves to the BBQ.

5. It’s your character that makes you beautiful

Seagulls are not camera shy and are always ready to strike a pose. The poker face is their favourite. There are thousands of exquisite birds in the world but what made me fall in love with seagulls is their character. Sure they are nice to look at but it’s their confidence, strength and playful persona that makes them beautiful.

I have a feeling that the human version of seagulls would have an amazing sense of humour as well.

Top model material.

seagull, inspiration

Work it, girl.

Some PDA.

Lesson learnt: Put your self out there. Have enough self-confidence to know and exhibit your good qualities and know that you’re beautiful just the way you are.


  1. Very strong observation, shows your insight into ornithology. Very nicely put indeed!

  2. Omg! This is such an interesting and amazing post. I love it. 💖

    • The Hamster Ball

      Thanks Nicka <3

  3. So in conclusion, be more seagull? I love this post tbh, something a little different but very inspirational. xo

    • The Hamster Ball

      Haha be more seagull! I love it 😀 Thanks so much Megan <3

  4. I saw someone stand against the wind on a surf board and then he launched a kite. The kite pulled him along and he tacked up and back across the water and caught waves. Odd thing though; I think he had his back to the wind and submitted to its force. But in sailing you can zig-zag and make progress against the wind.

    Yes, that’s true that seagulls can fly and walk and be easy going. But we need passports and metal detectors. Good thing that seagulls don’t wear medals. And its unfortuneate that pigs can fly but they have to be in the cargo hold, and sometimes they can only bring home the bacon.

    I like the pictures. I don’t have feathers though.

  5. I am totally in love with sea gulls. They are such fascinating creatures ! Great observations and pictures!

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