5 tv show quotes for your weekly inspiration

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a legit binge-watcher. I don’t just watch a show, I indulge in it. I dissect every dialogue, every gesture and pretty much perform an autopsy on whatever I’m watching. In fact, most of my inspiration, motivation and life lessons come from my beloved TV shows. Over the years I’ve relied on quotes from different TV characters to help me have good days and get through bad ones.

A set of words designed and delivered with a purpose can have a huge impact on the audience. So I have decided to bring back my “Quotaholic” series that I used to do on my extremely amateur blog years ago. From now on every week I’ll be sharing 5 quotes from my favourite TV shows to give you some motivation, inspiration, and a little perspective.

Here goes:

1. Nothing can straighten up the unmotivated like Paris Geller.

Paris Geller Inspirational Quote

2. Who you become in the process of success matters.

Coach Taylor Inspirational quote

3. Embrace being “different”.

Nomi inspirational quote Sense8

4. Find the balance between ‘doing’ and being’.

Irv, Inspiration, Quote, Everwood

5. When you find what’s right for you, hold on to it like John Locke.

John Locke, Quote, Inspiration, Lost

More inspirational quotes coming up next week! Feel free to pin, tweet or share your favourite ones on Instagram.


  1. Yes, Paris Geller is a fave!

    • The Hamster Ball

      One of the greatest characters ever written 😀

  2. Love these! I’m a huge fan of scrolling through internet looking for quotes and writing them down in my notebook so whenever I need the motivation, I open the notebook and get it. These are definitely going straight to my notebook!

    • The Hamster Ball

      We’re going to have some fun then <3 I'll keep sharing more! Don't forget to share <3

  3. Great quotes! I love the idea behind this post – you can’t beat a good motivational quote. And I’m exactly the same as you – I very rarely just watch a show, I have to completely dissect it. 😊

    • The Hamster Ball

      Welcome to the club hon 😀

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