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“it was all yellow” – reminiscing a road trip to melbourne

It’s a fact that I’m not getting over my little Aussie adventure from last year. Ever. Probably because it was my first ever international travelling experience and it was beyond anything I imagined. I visited 5 major cities (Sydney, Gold coast, Melbourne, Wollongong and Canberra) in three months and I saw so much. Unfortunately, I couldn’t write about all of my experiences at once, because well, life happened when I got back.

Now that it’s the same time of the year again, I can’t help but reminisce about all those beautiful experiences. A week before I was bound to come home, my brother proposed to me this 3-day whimsical road trip from Sydney to Melbourne. I have to admit that I was pretty exhausted by that time. Two days of constant travelling and just one day in the actual city sounded quite hectic. I was having second thoughts but I’m so glad that I said, “what the heck, let’s do this”. The scenes I beheld on the way are going to stick with me for life.

We got an early 5 am start so I spent the initial 2 to 3 hours sleeping on the passenger seat. I’m glad we took the inland Hume Highway instead of the coastal Princess Highway as I got to see a totally different side of Australia. We kept making stops to photograph the locals.

When we stopped for breakfast around 9 am, we realized that we had grossly underestimated the Australian weather and that it was freezing cold outside. The cafe we had breakfast at had mufflers, parachute jackets and ski gear for sale. I mean, what?

As we continued, the countryside kept getting greener and then yellower. From late August to mid-October the canola crops are at their prime in the states of New South Wales and Victoria. The blue skies and the bursting bright yellow create an ultra HD, I-think-I’m-in-a-Disney-movie experience. See for yourself.

About halfway through the journey, we decided to make a rest stop. It was then that we discovered a hidden gem, a small town named Gundagai. With a population little below 2000, this town has a distinctively different feel from the coastal towns and cities. You can experience the authentic Aussie country charm here.

I’m a sucker for history and this place has loads of it. Old bullockies used to pass through here to take ration, wheat, wool etc, to and from inland to coastal cities. These bullockies are said to be very charming and colourful characters. They are the reason this town has been a feature in Australian literature, poetry and folklore.

When we stopped at Dog at the Tucker Box, a famous tourist attraction, we were unaware that we had landed at such a historical place. This place gets the funny name from an old bullockies poem that narrates the inconveniences he suffered throughout his journey. Mostly caused by his dog that kept spoiling his food by sitting in or on his large lunchbox aka tuckerbox.

In honour of the early bullockiers and pioneers who helped flourish the highway, this monument was unveiled by Priminster Joseph Lyons in 1932. I mean look at this thing!

We also got a glimpse of the oldest available version of the old bullockies poem.

Inside, the place was packed with tourists eager to grab some food and the unique souvenirs.

We grabbed our teas, fraternized with some fellow tourists and embarked on the rest of our journey with fuller, happier hearts.

The rest of the way was filled with more sightings of yellow canola fields that we just couldn’t take our eyes off.

We reached Melbourne around sunset and stayed at a relative’s place who fed our hungry selves with a delicious serving of Biriyani. I was so glad that I didn’t say no to my brother’s proposition and went to bed an extremely happy person. I hear yellow has that effect on people.

More of the trip coming soon. Stay tuned!



  1. Awesome… felt like butterfly of words has taken me along on trip from Sydney to Melbourne…. beautiful

    • The Hamster Ball

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Aussie tourism department must go on vacation.

    • The Hamster Ball

      IT MUST :p

  3. This is an awesome post! The pictures are amazing, and you are right, Yellow makes you happy! Your writing style is great, I love the humour that is subtly mixed in, 😊😘🌸

    • The Hamster Ball

      Aw thanks so much! Thank you for reading. Come back soon 😀

  4. Rich narration…!

  5. Nice! Great pics 😊 xx – Anaelle | goldenmemos.blogspotcom

  6. Amazing photos!!!!!

    • The Hamster Ball

      Thank you!

  7. Photos are amazing, such beautiful sights. Loved the dog on the tuckerbox! Oz has always been on my bucketlist and I plan to go there in 2020. I will have to keep checking your blog for inspiration. Great post!

    • The Hamster Ball

      2020 eh, So much to look forward too! 😀 Thanks for visiting.

  8. Amazing narration of you journey and real treat to read and watch the photographs taken along the way. As if travelling with you.

  9. Roadtrips are always a good idea. This post really brings the experience to life, I also love the photos! Those yellow fields are stunning.

    Megan //

    • The Hamster Ball

      You’re right, road trips that too last minute ones are the most fun! Thank you for being a consistent reader, Megan. Means a lot <3

  10. Absolutely lovely post. I’d love to go to somewhere peaceful like this – stunning images too!
    Amy Jane x

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      Thank you <3

  11. Such a beautiful written post, I love your narration and the photos are so gorgeous 😍

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